There isn't always a lot of selection when it comes to choosing your title insurance provider and real estate closing agent. Consumers should have options. Nebraska Farmers will be a perfect fit for your needs. With a skilled and qualified staff, we work tirelessly for you. We are committed to turning out your business needs diligently. With a smile. Professionally.


We provide comprehensive title insurance services. Whether you need a loan policy or an owner’s policy, we are the right team.  Not sure which one you need, we can help you with this decision. 


If you are a land purchaser, an owner’s title insurance policy will ensure that you are receiving marketable title. By obtaining an insurance policy, you are protecting your investment. The process of obtaining an owner’s policy requires a skilled title searcher to determine whether or not there are any liens or other encumbrances on the real estate that you are buying.  Nebraska Farmers will then issue a title insurance commitment.  This is a formal document which states that a title insurance policy will be issued, so long as the requirements are taken care of.  If there are any exceptions of note (such as a road right-of-way), those will also be disclosed.  This allows a prospective landowner to be certain that they are protected.  This is your best hedge against obtaining a bad piece of real estate, from a marketable title blemish standpoint.


Whether you are a bank or a private lender, and you are loaning money for the purchase of real estate, or taking real estate as collateral for a loan, a loan policy is your product.  Like an Owner’s Policy, any title concerns will be outlined in the commitment and exceptions will be noted.  


Nebraska Farmers real estate closing services are convenient and professional.  A real estate closing can be stressful. Put the worry on us as we will organize the myriad of moving parts for your real estate transaction.  No matter how big or small, we want to serve you.